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  • GoPro: Endless Barrels – GoPro of the Winter 2013-14

    GoPro: Endless Barrels – GoPro of the Winter 2013-14 Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from Congratulations to Jamie O’Brien for his $20,000 GoPro of the Winter winning clip. The GoPro of the Winter video competition asked surfers to submit their best GoPro surf footage from the North Shore. Judges Taylor Steele, Mike […]

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  • The Legend Of Eddie Aikau : Eddie Would Go

    Edward Ryon Makuahanai Aikau (Kahului, Hawaii, May 4, 1946 – March 17, 1978) was a well-known Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer. The words Makua Hanai in Eddie Aikau’s full name means feeding parent, an adoptive, nurturing, fostering parent, in the Hawaiian language. As the first lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu, he saved […]

  • Rip Curl Challenge “La Nord”

    Are you into massive waves? Then watch this video of RIP CURL competition at the famous “La Nord” in Hossegor, off the south of France.  La Nord  is the XL wave of “Landes” coast, one of the most technical spots in all of France.   Results for the Rip Curl Challenge: 1. Vincent Duvignac 2. […]

  • The Rincon Super Awesome Mini Movie [10:15]

    Great Rincon clip from Morgan Maassen featuring Brandon Smith, Trevor Gordon, Travers Adler, Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren, Dylan Perkins, Dillion Perillo, Pat Curren, and more!! surfing Rincon, California. Musics from Panda Bear and the song’s Bros.

  • Thundercloud (Video) 15mins

    As the ‘Anniversary Re-Tour’ of Thundercloud approaches, One Palm Media have released the longest portion of the award winning documentary for public consumption to date. 15 minutes straight from the horses mouth, as it is in the actual production. Full tour details @ Featuring the epic swells at Cloudbreak of 2010, 2011 & the […]

  • (VIDEO) Best Drone Surf Videos 2014

    This video is a compilation of the very best drone surfing videos on the internet. It features awesome drone videos from surf spots like Impossibles in Bali, the north shore Maui and Mantawai islands. These aerial drone surfing and supping videos are made possible by people with a combination of expert photographic skills and some […]