Finally! Doctors in Biarritz Are Prescribing Surfing to Patients Instead of Medication

Photo: Javier Munoz
As a surfer, you understand just how therapeutic the ocean can be. Throughout the toughest times of our lives, we tend to grab our board and disappear for hours into a state of pure bliss. I know personally that surfing has helped me get through a lot of difficult times and will continue to be a part of minimizing stress in my life and maximizing happiness.
The French seaside town of Biarritz has become the first in the world to prescribe surfing lessons to ward off a host of ailments from depression to heart disease, with doctors and patients insisting the treatment works wonders.
According to the Telegraph, twenty doctors are prescribing 12-week courses in surfing or stand up paddling to people suffering from a range of chronic conditions including depression, back pain, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. “It’s about enacting cultural change in a country where 90 per cent patients who come out of the doctor’s surgery do so with a medical prescription,” said Guillaume Barucq, a surfer and doctor in Biarritz.
The program was created by the national Olympic committee as a way to “encourage the notoriously pill-popping French to cut back on medication and take to the waves.”
The funding–just over $30,000–for the 200 people currently involved isn’t coming from the social system, either. Instead, two private health organizations, along with town hall, are pitching in. Patients are asked to pay around $10 per session.
Along with the obvious physical benefits involved in surfing and stand up paddling, doctors are saying that the new scheme has a lot to do with negative ions that are released when waves break. “They improve the oxygenation of tissue, your mood, tone, quality of sleep and concentration,” Barucq explained.
Along with their prescription of surfing and paddling, these doctors also prescribed Nordic walking and swimming depending on each individual patient’s ailment.
In one such case, a 40-year-old woman who has suffered from lumbago (chronic lower back pain) for over a decade, tried surgery, and was paralyzed for a month, said that after six months of involvement, her pain has all but disappeared.
The program involves both doctors and sports educators to figure out what would be best for each patient. “To tell a patient ‘Do some sport’ isn’t enough,” said Barucq. “It’s like telling him ‘take some medicine’ and letting him try and find the right one at the chemist.”
So far, over 20 towns in the area have reached out to find out more about the program.
We know this is a step in the right direction!

This reminds me of when I first saw this video of Andy Irons and it was like he was speaking directly to me…

Written by Brendan Wenzel

My life revolves around surfing. It's my everything. In the water, nothing else matters except for me and the ocean. Since I love surfing and always watch videos, decided to make a site where I can share my favorites with you. Enjoy!

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