Rip Curl Challenge “La Nord”

Are you into massive waves? Then watch this video of RIP CURL competition at the famous “La Nord” in Hossegor, off the south of France.  La Nord  is the XL wave of “Landes” coast, one of the most technical spots in all of France.


Results for the Rip Curl Challenge:
1. Vincent Duvignac
2. Nelson Cloarec
3. Floris Figues


Credit for the video goes to Xtreme Video for productions with Grégory Ménager shooting and editing and Arthur Gaume with the Go Pro Shoot.


Benjamin ‘Sancho’ Sanchis, Peyo Lizarazu, Patrick Beven, Antoine Albeau, Justine Dupont, Michel Larronde.

Written by Brendan Wenzel

My life revolves around surfing. It's my everything. In the water, nothing else matters except for me and the ocean. Since I love surfing and always watch videos, decided to make a site where I can share my favorites with you. Enjoy!

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